Compared to what healing meant in its static concept such as stability, resting, healing, the South Cape proposes an upgrade to become the ‘ultimate healing’. Our concept of healing embraces universal healing that serves our soul and body to find peace by resting, meditating and soothing in the Jacuzzi and in addition, an idea of dynamic healing that encompasses golfing at a field bordering the sea, private trekking on bare foot inside the complex, and outdoor yoga under the beautiful weather. Also, our ultimate healing concept is complete when the beauty of our Club House with is authentic architecture suits in perfectly with the magnificent scenery of the nature around us and finally the grand prize of ultimate healing is complete, when our Music Library with its analogue system plays Western Electric, Klangfilm, and films that have become our legacy in the history of audio and last but not least, when food is served at its finest local taste.

The world is looking towards the South Cape that has become a masterpiece of HEALING as the world’s first authentic Private Resort.