The restaurant has researched and developed health foods using differentiated local food materials such as the plenty of fresh seafood from the clean water area of Namhae and high quality agricultural products grown with the maximum sunshine and sea breeze in Korea. As a result, the restaurant presents SCOC’s unique healing food including abalones harvested by female divers and naturally grown seasonal fishes, and visitors can enjoy the fresh meal with the emerald sea that seems as though it is within the arm’s reach. The partitions turned into art works by the artist Beom Moon elevated the elegance of the restaurant even further.

Operation hours 07:00~22:00

Breakfast 07:00~10:30

*Breaktime 16:30~17:30 *Last Order 21:00

The number of seats in a hall 54 / The number of seats in a terrace 24

Contact. 055-954-9900

*Operating hours can be changed depending on the circumstances of the business, so please contact us at the time of reservation.