• · Please arrive 40 minutes before the reservation time for leisurely play.

  • · For admittance to golf course, please avoid half pants and sleeveless shirts for men.

  • · With a pet dog is not allowed.

Announcement for taking a photograph in South Cape

Because South Cape possesses all copyrights on building and facilities, taking a photograph for commercial purpose is forbidden except for general purpose. Also please note that the photograph without permission is subject to legal action for violating copyright law. Please contact to South Cape promotional team (02-3442-6585) for extra commercial shoot.

Mileage system

  • · Accumulation of cash used in resort

  • · Accumulation of 1 point for 10,000 KRW

  • · In accumulation of 200 points, a gift certificate worth 100,000 KRW dispatch

  • · After a gift certificate dispatch, application history is forfeited

  • · Some products on sale in the shop provide a gift certificate worth 5% of the purchase amount

Golf incentive system

  • · Hole in one: hole in one certificate and a gift card worth 100,000 KRW

Regulation for out of the game

  • · Bring food from outside in course

  • · Slow play to impinge on another team

  • · Smoking in course

  • · Sexual harassment, violent conduct to caddies or staff members