The fairway spreads out along the rias coast surrounded with fantastic rocks on the cape which protrudes into the sea, and players can enjoy golfing with the view of the sea decorated in small and large islands.

While link courses are mostly flat elsewhere, South Cape Owners Club has a high hill in the center which gives a three-dimensional feeling and also provides versatile course layout. The course is laid out throughout approximately 2,000,000m2 of vast land inside the complex and is approximately 80m in width; players would feel relieved at heart with the cool breeze from the sea. The 2 out of famous 3 island like short holes looking as if floating in the middle of a sea are often compared with other by international golf panelists; the 14th with Pebble Beach’s 7th and the 16th with 16th of Cypress Point, better known as the ‘World’s greatest hole’. Also, the unique bunker style which is suggestive of the rias coast differentiates SCOC from other links once again.