The Club House is located on the highest point of the resort to provide the view of the sea both on south and north sides, embracing the rocky hill, the symbol of the hill top. The patio is open toward the sea and the sky to maximize the sense of attachment to the calm weather and the nature and the surface of the white concrete eaves forms a soft three-dimensional curve and it exposes itself and withdraws again but never repeats itself as though it is connected to the ocean that continuously reaches out toward the future.

The walnut hardwood gives the soft volume to the interior while the imposing travertine marble which seems to reflect the stories of the ages surrounds the space, giving the sense of stability in contrast with the futuristic architecture.
The restaurant, reception, and locker room also reproduce small patio with the ceiling, and the open-air bath with the view of the sea and the sea breeze lets you feel united with the nature once again.