All buildings including the Club House were made into art works and a number of interior facilities were also made with artworks in line with the buildings. The partition in the large restaurant was specially made by the artist Beom Moon, and the bronze sculpture on theme of “Reason” exhibited in the corridor is by Professor Hyeon Jeong. The art wall in Therapy Spa and Music Library, the reception desk made of a huge 100-year-old log, and the Grand Table in the large restaurant are the works of the artist Dong-hee Hong. The sofa made of wire in Café “Volante” and the ceiling lighting are the works of the artist Gwang-ho Lee, and the revolving door made of PVC is the work of the artist Hyeok-sin Hwang, and like other young the artists, he used recycling materials only.

The chair made of ropes and pipes in the courtyard of the Club House is the work of Tom Price, and the chair and table made of wood and recycled metal frame in the reception area are the works of Enrico Marone Cinzano, The ceiling lights in large restaurant and PDR made of glass and bronze are the works of the New York based the artist Lindsey Adelman, and the artist actually blew the glass into such shapes in the studio. “Volante” installed in the lawn in front of the banquet hall is the work of an American sculptor Richard Kidman by carving Carrera marble on-the-spot, and the image of this sculpture is used as the symbol of South Scape.